2024-04-29 a traveler’s secret diary (What a waste of time arguing with a loved one for a small sum of money)

If the pie of money is small, even if I have a high level of spirituality, the loss makes me uncomfortable if I lose a small amount of money
But if you’re a rich man or a chaebol because you have a big money pie, you think you’d have used your money for a good place, or you think it would have been used to donate or give it away, even if there was a small loss of money, and it’s not too intrusive
You don’t have to argue with your husband or wife about a small amount of money. A rich man can solve it
Is it wise for us to ignore the money that provides solutions like this in our lives without paying attention to it?
Money is also, in a way, a means of survival, like going out to feed a family and surviving by hunting and gathering
How would you take care of and feed your home in places like fields full of weeds or deserts with nothing to eat?
For the families you love and these people, you should use some ideas to invest and challenge something, and you should use some wisdom to earn money so that your beloved family can make a living
In conclusion, money is not bad, and how you use it is important. The more money you have, the more free you have in your mind, so you don’t have to argue with money. However, when you have a lot of money, it is important to be careful not to spend it in a bad place
However, if you have less money, you may have conflicts and quarrels with your loved ones, but even in such a situation, a person with a high spiritual level can solve it with understanding and wisdom without getting angry, and maintain peace of mind and peace with the person you love
After all, money and spiritual levels are separate relationships

So don’t be obsessed with money and prioritize studying personality and spirituality
And money has to be earned to survive
And you have to earn money to use it in a good place
And money must be earned to use it to respect everyone
And money must be earned to help the poor

In fact, I’m actually feeling a lot of money these days

You have a family to take responsibility for because you live with your loved one, not just alone
In my life, I experience using money in various ways
In particular, I had a heart-wrenching experience for a while due to the recent loss of money due to fraud
In fact, I didn’t lose a lot of money, but I experienced that I could be shaken by money as I lost a lot of money due to a force majeure event
If I were rich, I certainly wouldn’t have been swayed by the little money. After all, I’m interpreting these events positively
I think the angel teaches me to make a lot of money and give it to good places and poor people

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